Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 3 of Free Books

Saturday was once again a day to spend with our wonderful little boy Dino.  We took him to story time again, which is mostly for Ana, but he likes sitting next to her too.

This is the book we got:

This was always a winter favorite for my students in preschool.

After story time, we stayed up in the overlook to play games, they have Scrabble, mancala, Uno, checkers, chess, and connect 4.  Scrabble is Shadow's absolute favotire, and he always asks why we don't have it.  I find it boring, plus, while I possess a rich and colorful vocabulary, spelling isn't exactly my strong suit.

Our dearest Dino is still a little saddened that he can't get his free skate yet.  He needs to do an activity at the library too.  Then I'll have Sasa meet us and she can get on the ice with him since we also get a free adult skate too.

I didn't get to take out a new book this week, but I have a growing list of titles I want to read.  We had to get to Newark to Ninkie's birthday party.  It was a nice little gathering, Ana got to wear her new pinafore, but I still haven't been able to take a decent picture of her in it.  I couldn't even get a good pic of Athena in her birthday dress.

That's Tristan in the background, who loves Dino and calls him his brother.  That's his grandmother on the couch, my sister's mother in law.  They're from Queens too, so we get along great.  They're hoping to move back soon, which would be awesome so the kids can see each other more.  I kinda also wish Sasa was still in Brooklyn, Dino loved walking across the bridge to visit her at Pratt.

The only other thing I've been working on this week besides doctors appointments and social services meetings is a knitted bag.  I have the first piece done, so I just need to make an identicle piece, sew it and line it with fabric that I already purchased.  It's way smaller than anticipated so I'm just going to use it as a stroller bag to pop in some wipes and a couple of diapers for quick outings.  Ana has been going to the potty more and more so hopefully by her 2nd birthday she'll be completely trained.

This is the finished front:

I've already cast on for the back.  After this, I guess I'll choose the yarn for Dino's birthday present.  He said he wanted a scarf like mine or fingerless mitts.  I think he'll like the mitts better since they're more ninja/assassin/bad ass dude-ish.

Tomorrow is Imbolc and we're going to try and take Ana to toddler story time.  I say try because aparently their is a line for it each week, and not everyone gets to go into the session.

Then, it's back home to make chick pea stew.  Soaked sprouted beans are an excellent dish for Imbolc.  I'll have to remember to take pictures to write about it tomorrow.


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