Sunday, January 8, 2017

Creating Sacred Space, When You Have No Space

In our old apartment we had a small entry hallway where we placed our altar table.  All of our religious items and a good quantity of our crystal collection was arranged on this sideboard from IKEA.  A picture of it appears at the top of this blog.  We loved it, and it was the center of our daily practice as well as more advanced magical workings.  Now that we are confined to such a small space that is temporary, we can't set up anything so elaborate.  We can, however place a few important items around our space to make it feel more like home.

This is a wire wrapped pendant with black tourmaline and selenite.  It was above our door before, and we brought it to hang above our doorway here.  Selenite has protected us from buglers.  My old apartment where I used to live with my sister was the only one out of six that had not been robbed.  There, I kept selenite on all the windowsills and the door.  Where I and Shadow lived, we also had never been broken into.  So selenite on your door is a must in our book.  This particular piece was
wrapped and blessed by Angel who sells healing crystals in Union Square.  We love choosing our
crystals from him as his prices are excellent and he practices Santaria, so he's very much on our same wave length.

Another item that I have been using for years is The Witches Calendar:

As you can see, we keep our very "muggle" appointments written down, but it also gives us a lovely witchy visual to look at each month, as well as dates of moon phases and other important witchy info.

My next little item is a little paper pendant passed out by one those Tibetan monks strolling through Manhattan these days.  Yes, I know they're not real monks.  They are the equivalent of the Times Square Elmo.  Most are simple Asian men asking for donations as they try and aggressively slip you a pendant or bracelet.  (I have miraculously been given both.). Still, I display it, because it depicts the Buddha, and one needs tranquility in a shelter.

What I wish we did have was a mini altar.  I was going to make one before we packed, and place it in the diaper bag to keep where ever we wound up.  I have all the components to put one together.  But these will do for now.  We know that we're protected physically and spiritually, and we can also be mindful to not let "shelter life" drag us down, as many couples experience a sort of breaking point when faced with such uncertaint and helplessness.

So, if you have limited space, or are in a dorm, or roommate situation, try and think of which pieces from you collection mean the most to you and display those, or if you have more time then I did, create a travel altar with tiny items you feel connected too.  It can fit in an old Altoids tin.  For ours, I would have included, a small coin sized Goddess pendant, a small quartz point to be used as a want, a small silver pentacl charm, and a tea light candle.  Simple and basic, nothing more.

Blessed be!

~)) O ((~

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