Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Having Fun Isn't Hard, When You Got A Library Card

These words of course, are the very wise lyrics to Arthur the aardvark's beloved library song.

This is one of the most important cards you can carry in your wallet as a low income resident of NYC, I just got mine last Saturday, and I am very pleased. There are tons of programs, online material, events, and most importantly: books that are available to me.  It's invaluable, but you have to take advantage of it!  It's all free!  They even have a toddler class for my daughter, which is pretty sweet, especially in a city where toddler classes can easily run into the thousands.

I checked out one book.  I haven't read a book since the summer of 2014 before I became pregnant.  I suffer from terrible pregnancy brain.  It happened with Dino and again with Ana, and it lasts well past the year they're born, when I am still nursing, and thus hormones continue to mess with my concentration.  I can follow a knitting pattern no problem, but ask me to read a book and I found that I was reading the same sentence over and over and was unable to retain the information that I read, even if it was my beloved Shelock Holmes.

This is the book I took out, and have finished reading.  I really enjoyed it.  It was an excellent departure from reading "literature", where there is more that meets the eye and professors want you to discuss it.  I, being the voracious reader that I am, was the only one who was able to finish reading any of the books as I had a very long commute to and from the Village.

That is a baby foot.  

I have a fondness for Murder, She Wrote.  I drink tea and knit while watching it.  I'm quite the old lady.  I once saw an interview where Rupaul admitted to watching as well before he turned in for the night. I saw him driving in SoHo, with the most fashionable of hats on in a vintage car.  That is the epitome of true class, being proud of who you are, and indulging in simple mystery tv shows.

This is the book that Shadow took out:

I don't pretend to understand politics.  I read the inside of the jacket, and I wasn't going to try to re read it to even attempt to comprehend what the premise is.  Shadow, has yet to start reading it.  I'm not even going there...

Just outside the library in Bryant Park, we came across a free program that will allow kids to skate for free after they attend all the story times each Saturday for 8 weeks.  Dino already has two stamps.  We also received a free book.  A nice hardcover picture book too!  It's all sponsored by Penguin and Random House and all totally free.

Finally, I leave with you a picture of my two beautiful children at story time, who enjoy reading and books as much as their dear mother does.  We will continue to go to story time, and the library together and see what other free programs are available to my darling little monkeys.

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