Monday, January 2, 2017

She Stole Her Dolly!

Ana's dolly was kidnapped by a child down the hall named Jaylie.  We thought she was a nice little immigrant child who spoke broken English.  Apparently, we were dead wrong.  Jaylie has stolen before, dolls, toys and money.  One parent who happens to be in a wheel chair even tricked her to see if she would steal four quarters off his bed, and sure enough she did.

Ana loved her dolly.  Grandma ordered it for her from, an excellent website feature Waldorf dolls and toys.

We were told by three separate girls that they saw the doll in Jaylie's room covered in purple marker.  Poor dolly.  Who would treat a doll with such cruelty?

I get it, she's five, she might not know any better, or more likely, she is neglected and does it as a way to placate herself.  Her mother leaves her out of the room, for hours at a time and she wanders around the halls knocking on doors looking for someone to play with.  Her mother might also be grooming her to steal.  Unfortunately, it is very common.  Mothers send their children to a room to play and ask the kids what's in the room, what do they have and other questions, this way next time time go, they tell them specific items to steal or wait till the families are gone and break in.  Shadow happens to think that her mother may be on drugs, but some hardcore stuff, like heroin.  She's always asleep and always in pajamas.  We never see her unless it's to come out and yell at Jaylie to come back in.

I tried to ask Jaylie to bring the doll back, that Ana misses her doll, and that I wasn't mad at her for taking it, but that if she's a good little girl, like I know she is, she will give Ana her doll back.

She started whining in even more broken English (a sign of the true groomed child) that she didn't have it.  She made up some cockamamie story about a black boy that took it.  Great, not only are you lying, you're a racist too.

Even if I do manage to get the doll back, I fear that it may be ruined.  Especially now that she knows we're on to her.

I've been looking at other dolls to buy Ana.  I think I may go for a Corolle doll.  They make ones that she could bring into the bath tub.  Now, we don't let Ana out with her good toys.  She can push her stroller, but she brings the cheap baby doll that was given to her by Toys for Tots.

Alas.  I just want to avoid conflict, some of these people are like inbred pit bulls.  Their brains don't function when you tell them their kids did something wrong.

Oh well.

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