Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This Week's Reads

Man, I hope the grammar in that title is correct...

I neglected to write about this week's reading adventure.  We have 6 more weeks of story time at Bryant park.  This was the book we received on the 21st:

Ana sat for the entire thing, which is was awesome.  I think it's because the cover reminded her of Dino and his little blue chair.  I think he'll get a real kick our of it when he sees it.  Unfortunately we weren't able to pick him up this weekend due to the birth of his other baby sister.  Poor kid, surrounded by little girls, all with 'A' names too.  Actually, a really bizarre anecdote from several years ago, long before I became pregnant with Ana.  Dino's father told me that he and his wife would like to use the name Anastasia if they ever had a girl.  I had that name, specifically Anastasia Selene picked out from when I was about 16 for my kids!  Granted I think this was about the time that Fifty Shades of Gray was popular, so many baby girls were being named Anastasia.  I still to this day don't know how to feel about him saying that to me.  Weirded out?  I don't know.  Anastasia is a Greek name and I have an aunt that goes by Thea Tasia.  Anyway, I didn't plan to write about this specifically, but it's one of those memories that just sticks with you.

Ugh... memories.

This is the book I chose this week, which is so far very interesting.  I love historical fiction.

I have yet to finish it.  But, I have a list of titles I want to check out next.  Including a book on Traditional British Witchcraft, which I've been meaning to read about for some time.

Our Saturday at the library and story time was lovely.  We ate soup and a sandwich from Pret a Manger in the park and Ana laughed as tourists, who don't know they shouldn't feed the pigeons, were attacked by said pigeons after feeding them some French fries.

The weather was beautiful which was especially good for all the protestors out and about marching near us.  I wish I had taken pictures, the signs were so creative and many were beyond hilarious.  There were tons of kids there and I realized too late that I could have made some money months ago by knitting pink pussy hats.  Even men were wearing them.  There was an alleged pink yarn shortage reported throughout the fiber art community.  Oh well, I wouldn't have been able to make them quickly enough anyway with my fingers becoming stiffer as the Stellar fades.

Oh, and for those keeping track, just me I suppose, no Shadow did not finish reading his book on Obama and I returned it.  He said he read some but when I inquired as to what it was about he was unable to tell me.  Well my dear, next time stay away from political books.  

To be fair, the books that Shadow is truly interested in cannot be taken out.  They are research only in the main branch.  Many of the books I have wanted to look up, including books on witchcraft and Greek orthodoxy, are research titles only as well.

Yesterday, after collaborating on the blog post, he suggested we write a book.  Many people have suggested I write a book.  I have in fact written books, they're just not published.  Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm not good enough, or that some of my work is too dark.  I've been banned from websites for posting stories containing rape. 

A book on witchcraft would of course, be different.  Most books are geared towards the solitary, there aren't many dealing with couples magick, and sex magick is mostly centered on "The Great Rite", which leaves out non heterosexual couples.  The release of power with an orgasm is possibly the main focal point, but how you get there, the build up of sexual energy is up to you regardless of which body parts you possess.

That is definitely something I would write about in a book as so many LGBT people come to Wicca because we don't have a Bible saying that where you stick your dick is a sin.

Anyway, it's an idea to contemplate.  Certainly I won't be able to truly devote my energy to it until my health is under control.  Writing a blog is one thing, but composing a meaningful work that you can be proud of is a whole other story, hence why I haven't written or posted any short stories and my novel "The Priest" is on hiatus.

For right now, I think I'm fine with relaying my day to day activities, you know for all those people who Google me that I no longer talk to (even my ex, has admitted to looking those people up and Lord knows he's probably read this blog).  I mean really, the jokes on them, I'm homeless, have another baby out of wedlock, can't work because my autoimmune disease is running rampant and I do old lady things.  Furthermore, only one was allegedly pagan, and according to my sister, he had stalked me in real life!  Therefore, for all you Christians, you're commuting a sin by reading about the life of a witch. 

But really, I'm fine. 😝

Blessed Be
)) O ((

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